200.000 trees planted with Graine de Vie

Sustainability goes beyond the environment. Through the cooperation with Graine de Vie, Buy Way does not only contribute to reforestation, it also contributes to the livelihoods of local communities in five African countries. For us, environmental protection and community development go hand in hand.

Net-zero carbon emissions

As part of its ESG efforts (ecological, social, governance), Buy Way has laid out a path to net-zero carbon emissions. Despite the fact that we moved into offices with an "Outstanding" BREEAM label, offer Mastercards made with 100% recycled PVC and opt for green mobility, there will always be some residual CO2 emissions due to our activities.
That's why we have been cooperating already for over 10 years with Graine de Vie, an NGO that reforests developing countries to offset our remaining carbon footprint. In 2023, we planted our 200.000th tree. And since each tree compensates more than 10 kg of CO2 per year, we are offsetting 2,000 tonnes annually.

Graine de Vie: replanting communities

Deforestation is an important problem in developing countries. Local communities depend on the wood for cooking or building. That's why reforestation projects only work if the local villagers are involved and conscious of the importance of sustainable forestry.

Graine de Vie hires villagers to implement their reforestation projects in Madagascar, Togo, Benin, Ghana and Cameroun, giving them a salary for their contribution (groundwork, fencing, planting, harvesting…). Half of the trees planted produce fruits, coffee, cacao, avocado, essential oils, providing local communities with an economic activity and an income.

The latest project supported by Buy Way is a tree nursery in Maroambihy, Madagascar. It produces 20.000 seedlings per year. When robust enough, the forest tree seedlings are transplanted into local reforestation zones, whereas the cash crop seedlings are replanted by the locals on their own land.

Zoom in on the Buy Way tree nursery

For the people and the planet

Buy Way is a proud ecopartner of Graine de Vie, contributing to the fight against climate change and at the same time also investing in the livelihoods of communities in need. Since 2009, Graine de vie has planted 45 million trees in 5 countries (2021 figures) and is supporting 14 natural reserves and 13 mangrove restauration projects. It reaches out to 75.000 families annually to make them aware of the importance of forest restauration for their future.
Looking for a responsible,
ethical and ecological
financing partner?
Looking for a responsible, ethical and ecological financing partner?