Recycled PVC

As an independent fintech company, Buy Way develops responsible, ethical and sustainable financing solutions. We take environmental action to reduce our emissions, such as offering our clients Mastercards made with 100% recycled PVC. But that's not all.

Customer convenience, with a conscience

Buy Way delivers a customer convenience in a sustainable way. Through our ESG action plan, we constantly improve our environmental performance, social responsibility and our governance. This is how Buy Way and its financial solutions make a difference.

Financial solutions going green

Buy Way has laid out a path to net-zero emissions. Ever more of our paper flows are shifted to digital services, we relocated to new offices with an "Outstanding" BREEAM label, we promote green mobility and will have a full-electric car park by 2028. And our remaining carbon footprint, we offset with reforestation projects in Africa with our partner Graine de Vie. That way, we promote our clients financing solutions with a conscience.

Mastercards made with 100% recycled PVC

Our most iconic ecological action, is to make our main consumer touchpoint - our Mastercards - more environmentally friendly. Together with Greenpay, we now offer Mastercards made with 100% recycled PVC. This way, we (and you) use less resources and reduce waste.

Greenpay supports our entire value chain, from sustainable card production, over offsetting their carbon footprint, all the way up to end-of-life recycling of expired cards. Thanks to our cooperation, Buy Way offers the largest percentage of recycled material in the payment card industry (with 100% recycled PVC used for its cards). These cards have passed quality controls to ensure the same durability as first-use PVC.
Looking for a responsible,
ethical and ecological
financing partner?
Looking for a responsible, ethical and ecological financing partner?